What You Need To Know About Speed Bump
Road Speed Bumper (1meter)

Speed ramps are highly effective traffic calming devices that are ideal for use in commercial and residential areas. Sometimes known as ‘Sleeping Policemen’, speed humps are designed to slow vehicles down to safe speeds of between 5mph and 15mph.

Manufactured from high-density, recycled rubber, our speed ramps are low-maintenance, weather-resistant and exceptionally tough. In comparison to conventional concrete or asphalt speed bumps, our rubber ramps offer a smooth and quiet ride, with no risk of damage to the vehicle driving over them. With a practically unlimited weight capacity, our speed ramps are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from motorcycles through to HGV trucks.

Our speed humps come in individual, interlocking half-metre sections, allowing you to create a traffic management system that’s right for your premises. The modular design makes it easy to expand or relocate your system as required, as well as allowing you to replace any damaged sections cost-effectively.

Installing our speed ramps is easy, as we supply all the fixings you need for assembly. You just need to find a level surface, such as tarmac or concrete that you can bolt it to.

To ensure that drivers slow down and pass over ramps safely, HSE advises that speed ramps must be highly visible, with clear warning signs informing of the correct speed limit for your site. Our ramps’ distinctive bright yellow and black sections and integral reflectors provide maximum visibility for drivers, even at night and in poor weather conditions.

An effective traffic management system can significantly minimise the risks from vehicles speeding through your premises. With free nationwide delivery on our great value range of speed bumps, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to protect your staff, your customers and your property.

Which Speed Ramp is Right for Me?
The difference between the 5mph and 10mph kits is that the 5mph speed ramps have a more severe incline, slowing cars and vans down to a crawl. This is unsuitable for vehicles with a low ground clearance, such as sports cars. Therefore, venues such as golf clubs and country clubs may find the 10mph bump more appropriate for their clientele

Both are available to buy in ready-made bundles so you can quickly kit out your car park with the speed bumps that best meet your needs.

As well as standard kits, we also stock oval humps and circular speed ramps, all made from recycled rubber – browse our selection rubber speed bumps and sleeping policemen or talk to one of our experts. You can do that through our Contact and address details below


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